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Imagine the Perfect Cambria Countertops for Lawrenceburg KY Home, Now Let’s Build it!

When you purchase our Cambria Countertops located near Lawrenceburg KY, you’re buying more than just a premium grade custom fabricated stone product… you’re actually making an investment in your home; one that will give you quality and durability for years to come. Located near Lawrenceburg KY, We are a full service Installer that manufactures top quality products with pride and we’re proud to assist you in increasing the value of your home. When it comes to customer satisfaction it is our goal to impress not merely achieve customer satisfaction! We are committed to delivering quality home improvement products that will enhance your home. We believe that any job, big or small, represents a significant financial investment for your home and you deserve to have your job done right the first time. That’s why our knowledgeable team members will work closely with you to understand your goals and develop a cost-effective solution that meets your needs.

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Local Cambria Countertops Experience near Lawrenceburg KY Matters

From concept to completion, our Installer which manufactures Top quality materials and our qualified team ensures the process is easy, fun and professional. Thanks to our large showroom and manufacturing center near Lawrenceburg KY and knowledgeable, talented, dedicated staff; we provide enhanced customer service while creating your quality Cambria Countertops.

You won’t find another company more grateful to our customers than we are! We don’t just get your project done on time; we get it done right and on budget! Locally owned and operated, our staff will provide the personal attention and professional service you expect.

There’s no cost to talk to us. Give us a call (859) 238-2107.

We manufacture top quality home improvement materials near Lawrenceburg KY. We will be with you from your first phone call to clean-up. Our creative and friendly staff strives to create a lasting, durable products made with the finest materials available. We love our customers!

Our Cambria Countertops can be created from a variety of quality materials:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Corian
  • Zodiac
  • Caesarstone
  • Silestone
  • Solid Surface
  • Acrylic Solid Surface

No Cambria Countertops job is too big or too small in the Lawrenceburg KY area

How Can We Help?

  • Cambria Countertops Installer in Lawrenceburg KY Specializing in custom craftmanship

    We create products that will not only become the centerpiece for your home, but will last for years to come. Offering free estimates on Cambria Countertops we know that you will love the easy process and thorough explanations our estimators provide. Once we dial in your dream project we go to work crafting your attractive masterpiece, styled for your home that makes sense for you; your budget as well as your lifestyle.

    We understand that having us manufacture quality Cambria Countertops near Lawrenceburg KY is an important decision; one that needs to take into account many factors in the home such as style, location, materials, use and its ability to mold into the atmosphere of the home. That is why our staff spends every minute needed with you to ensure all of your needs and wants are met; before the first cut is made for your new quality construction project.

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    Check out our showroom for just a sample of the quality work that we provide. Aside from a great selection, you will see what it means to have quality manufactured product looks and feels like next to the box store option. Customer Satisfaction is our utmost priority. When compared side by side there simply is no comparison. We encourage you to come in and see the specialized materials, high end hardware and time honored craftsmanship we use for making our Cambria Countertops and speak with us about your specific home improvement needs. Call or Email today!

    Looking to increase the value of your house, increase functionality, update or upgrade existing fixtures; whatever your needs are, will make your ideas come alive. We import the finest materials used for manufacturing top tier quality products from places such as Brazil, Italy, India, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Vermont, and Namibia. Fill out our contact form and we will get back to you right away!

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    Your satisfaction is our top priority! We will create a custom home improvement masterpiece that will reflect the high quality standards of your home. Our Installer located in the Lawrenceburg KY area will help ensure your custom project is everything you wanted. We are confident of this because of the initial consultation process. We want to get all the details for your project before we start. Then compliment that with quality materials and time honored workmanship. There’s no cost to talk to us. Give us a call (859) 238-2107. The end result of our custom work is the creation of something that you will be proud of, and that will showcase just how meticulous and detailed oriented we are. This is the confidence our customers have, as the keep coming back for additional projects; telling friends and family about our workmanship as well.

    Why Choose Us for Your Cambria Countertops Near Lawrenceburg KY?

    When you call Kentucky Solid Surface you get everything needed to get your Cambria Countertops project done in one location. No more needing to call a designer, then find the materials, then find a contractor, then an installer… We are your one stop shop for design, materials and construction. We will provide expertly designed and crafted Cambria Countertops that will deliver quality, durability and establish a positive impression for your home. One of the things that stands out about us is our attention to detail.

    Kentucky Solid Surface is committed to delivering exceptional Cambria Countertops that will define your style as well as help increase the value of your home. Our goal is to meet all your Cambria Countertops requirements, no matter how simple or complicated through a consultative approach and professional project management. Our Installer that manufactures Cambria Countertops works with homes of all sizes and locations – no job is too big or too small.

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    Cambria Countertops Installer in Lawrenceburg KY

    The Search for the best Installer for quality Cambria Countertops ends here!

    If you are located near the Lawrenceburg KY area, Kentucky Solid Surface has affordable solutions that’ll ensure your needs are met. Our Installer will provide you with the best quality service from concept to creation of your Project. We use only the highest quality materials. Homes all over the Lawrenceburg KY area depend on our Installer for all their home improvement update and improvement needs and we have no problem letting our reputation speak for us. Our Installer that manufactures top quality products uses state-of-the-art construction and fabrication techniques to create your masterpiece. Contact us today at (859) 238-2107 to Schedule a free quote or consultation with one of our specialists.

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